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Marketing for Manufacturers

Producing a Pipeline that Performs

About Marketing for Manufacturers

What started as a commitment to connect regional manufacturing companies with industry leaders for a one day conference, has blossomed into an ongoing educational opportunity through continued content development and event planning.

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Why Connect with Marketing for Manufacturers?

Let’s be honest, manufacturing companies face a unique set of challenges. While every company struggles with developing and implementing a successful marketing strategy, it can be especially hard for manufacturers. There are complicated products and processes, various markets and target personas, limited resources regarding time and money, and an outdated approach to marketing and sales in general. These can all be a recipe for obsolescence. However, for manufacturers that recognize these shortfalls and address them ahead of their competition, it can be a winning formula for increasing sales and revenue.

In October 2017, The Bonanno Group Digital Marketing and Incept teamed up to present a one-day conference – called Marketing for Manufacturers – to manufacturing companies located in/around Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The event was well attended and the educational content proved to be exceptionally valuable, with presentations from HubSpot and Google representatives as well as The Bonanno Group Digital Marketing and Incept. Attendees left with a long list of to dos and a new network of like-minded individuals to use as a sounding board. 

Since the conference, there has been a continued need for educational content and networking opportunities. A Facebook group has been setup and future events are being planned. One such event is being held in partnership with DOYO Live 2018: A Digital Marketing + Interactive Design Conference in Youngstown, Ohio. DOYO Live is a 2 day event that will feature workshops on day 1 and conference on day 2.  Please stop back soon for a detailed agenda of the Day 1 Marketing for Manufacturers DOYO Live Workshop, along with a list of presenters.

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